Cake face


Today is day two of my other experiment I have going on. No self destructive talk, conquer my fears and look good doing it. It’s all about appearances. I’m a firm believer there is POWER behind words. I’ve seen it in action with my own eyes. For example my sister and I are 14 years apart..I helped my mom raise her while she went of to work with her two or three jobs to make ends meet. I did not want my sister to be affected my mother’s negative talk and so since birth I would always tell by sister positive words. Such things like: “You can do it, I believe in you, your smart, be confident, go back to school get degree, your going to find a good man, etc etc etc. To this day my baby sister is all that and a bag of Chips. She got a double degree in college, she was a straight A student. She works for a top eye laser surgeon, she has good man who bought her a two carrot engagement ring. Now tell me if words don’t matter?  I had a late start I did not have someone like me to talk to me the way I did my sister,  persistently. I always had good friends but I also had lots of haters around me who would love  to see me fall and stumble me. I got rid of all of  them last year. Ain’t no body got time for envious folks. They drain you. I’ve been trying and fighting to go against my nature not to put myself down. I’m good at building people up and helping them achieve their dreams but when it comes to me the struggle is real. Today I will get dolled up for work, spray Intoxicating perfume and chant under my lips that I am worth every good thing life has to offer.

The intern at my acupuncture place told me  something this past Wednesday that stuck with me. She said: “Stop worrying about the past and tell yourself that it was all a dream. Its over. it was a dream. Today is a NEW day. She told me that about 4 times. The way she said it in her sweet  soft convincing humble voice piereced my heart.  I hear her words  running through my head randomly.

Well let me get up out of this bed and make it happpen!!💕💕👍👍👍👌👌

But first I gotta text all these clients back… LOL!


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