I’m back


Okay I said I was only going to post on WordPress and market my work on social media for only 30 min, but it’s not enough time to fix typos and such. I’m going to make out a daily schedule, and focus on  the more important things first, my business second, and a whole bunch of other stuff I gotta do. If I post my goals on here then I feel obligated to do them because I have eyes watching me. I want to be known as a person of her words not some flaky chick. I’m always under construction working on my inner self.

Okay remember my experiment I started last week Friday no sugar, no alcohol, no white foods, well I’ve been doing good! I’m so surprised at myself. I’m actually reading labels now. My stomach is going down.. My dance moves are coming back.. I’m getting my groove back on, I feel more centered and at peace..I was a hot mess last week. Prayers and good friends are the essence of good things. Eastern medicine seems to be helping me as well. I have to work with the cute doctor if I want to get better. I haven’t had sugar in 4 days..I’m starting to see the definition of my muscles in my arms and I haven’t even gone to the gym this week. I hope to go soon. Maybe I’ll go Friday and Saturday if time permits. I’m making changes around here. I’m a firm believer in the power of words and I’m going to make things for the better, things that are in my control. I’m working on my chef dreams..I have to cook more since the doctor doesn’t want me eating at restaurants.. My make up classes are put on hold I don’t know what happened with the girl..maybe she forgot..anyhoo….I will keep you posted on my weight loss. I didn’t go to the doctor for weight loss but I have to listen to him. The weight is coming off faster than I expect. He told me bad foods can cause certain illnesses  to happen in your body. I only have one body. I cannot borrow someone else’s, so I better take care of my temple. I want it around for a long time…I have too many goals and dreams going on.

I took this picture of myself last year. You know about my photographer dreams..LOL…I have so many dreams I can’t keep up👌💕


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