Mi familia


I found this picture that one of my brothers posted on Facebook of my Uncle Felix, my grandmother Maria, my handsome father Manuel, and my grandfather Luis. My parents were born in the Dominican Republic. We are of mixed race of black, Indian and spanish you can tell my grandfather is black ..my grandmother was from Spain. Both of my grandfathers were black and my two grandmothers from Spain. Now you see even though it’s a mixed country racism still existed in those days my maternal grandmother gave my mother away because she said that my mother came out too dark. Well if you did not a want a brown baby why are you sleeping with a black man? Ummm duh..she never paid much attention to me..I was too brown for her but she sure liked my brother ..he was born with golden light hair and white skin. My maternal grandmother was white with green eyes. My mom came out a  peaunut butter color but looks just like her mother. I only saw my maternal grandmother once..when I was like 5 years old. She didn’t want to be bothered with her brown family.

My mother dispite her mentally illness raised us not to EVER be racists. I have to give my mother credit where credit is due. She did not want us to have ugly heart like her mother. So when I see ignorance on the rise towards different cultures and colors..my blood literally boils. I cannot comprehend such hatred. Now I am not going to sit here and lie. I do stereotype there is a lot if truth to it. I believe in stereotypes what I don’t believe in is judging one person based on their religion, color or how much money they have. I give every single person the benefit of the doubt until they proove me wrong. I am very much proud of my diversed clientele, and my rainbow color friends. I like that I am willing to taste all kinds of foods..I like getting invited to a Indian wedding and having the time of my life like I was in a Bollywood movie..dancing jumping up and down. I like and respect my mother for not passing the ignorance down to her kids. I may have 99 things to work on but being a racist is not one. Thanks mom..I love you so much!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤



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