For sure


I’m not 100% percent on my gut I would say I’m 90%, my gut has opened my eyes to situations that seem kind of odd. I act on my gut. It reveals unpleasant things to me…sometimes way too harsh. I don’t know if my female intuition is a gift or a curse. They say what you don’t know won’t hurt…I wouldn’t mind walking in la la land for a while ..oblivious people seem to stress less..or maybe they choose not to act on their vibes so as not rock the boat and keep living the well to do lifestyle even though they suspect their mate is living in the down low. They hold on to the marriage to keep up with the Jones and so instead they drink every single day and pretend their life is perfect. I’ve seen it all too many times. To what extent do we we loose all self respect and dignity to keep a lover a job, your children happy? Is your mental health not worth something? Or even your physical health? People take on a lot of degrading situations for love. Remember love is not suppose to hurt.  Take small baby steps and love yourself. Its doesn’t make you a bad person. Go with your gut but take your head with you. Don’t act on impulse think wisely..don’t lash out on anger always have a plan. If you suspect your kids are on drugs..don’t turn a blind eye and think its going to go away by cooking them their favorite meal and talking to them like they are baby when they are 25.  Address the issue in a firm respectful manner. I’ve had  kids sit in my chair who are using drugs tell me I wish my mom didn’t spoil me so much…the parents don’t give them any accountability..people like boundaries we were created that way. We as humans will push the envelope to see how far we can go. Respect yourself listen to your gut.

Don’t ask my why I went there ..LOL..I love that I can blog my complex mind with you all..muah!! Hope my morning blog was helpful to you today👍❤👌

Listen for your gut for sure and stop pretending like you don’t know what’s going on. Face your fears. It brings on character.


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