Before blogging


I found this picture of me I took like 3 years ago..this is before I knew anything about blogging instagam, pineterest and so on…this is before I knew that I could use WordPress as my diary. I’ve always had diaries..but would get scare of people finding it… sometimes I would just be  too tired to write at night. Thanks to social media I can blog  here and market my work on the other sites. My cell phone is my escape. Its cheaper than happy hour and cheaper than my amazing former therapist..gee how I miss her!! I wish I could afford to go back to her. The thing about therapy you can talk ALL you want and not feel judge…that is one of the best feelings in the world. Some people feel good smoking weed.
I feel so good going to my therapist.

Well I’ve been here for quite a long time..its about time I get up and face my day…ugh..LOL..Let’s see what monkey wrench is going to be thrown at me today :))…(takes a long deep breath)



  1. Sean Mungin · March 2, 2015

    Hopefully no monkey wrench was thrown and you had a great day

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