This is Michelle she found me in yelp. I don’t ever check my reviews because I cannot stomach anything negative. Many internet people have come into the shop and get turned off when they see it’s not a snobby beautiful salon. No. Its a humble 80s old fashion salon. They come once and you don’t ever see them again. They’ve even made rude comments: “Oh this is where you work?! As they roll their eyes in disgust. Well you know I can switch shops and go to a snobby beach city salon and charge you $200 dollars for your color retouch. I can also get cheap wine and pour it in a cup and tickel your ears. But you see that is not what I am about or maybe I should be. As I gather my life in order I will definitely be making changes..for now will stay in my Chinese Salon with its incense. At least I can say that  May the owner of the shop is KIND, NICE, and PLEASANT to ALL my clients. She doesnt play favortism according to their skin color, religion or material things. That is rare to find nowadays. She does get on my nerves sometimes but its not enough for me to make a move just yet. I appreciate her not raising my rent..and I’ve been there for 7 years. I must appreciate my lot in life.

Back to hair, I gave Michelle highlites and toned it with PM Shines. She found me on yelp. This is her third time with  me. She brings her mother in and we have the best laughs ever..I am so thankful they are both happy clients. Her hair is super fine and limp and so I wet set it with rollers to give it body. We have this inside joke that we are going to marry longshormen and that I will only come to work to twice a week. She works in San Pedro. I lived there for 9 years. Many longshormen live there. The talk is that everyone in Pedro is related. None really leave the lil’ city, it seems  cultish in a cute strange way. I remember when I first moved there I went the bank and I saw a older couple, then I went to the 99 cent store and saw the same couple..went to a restaurant and saw the same couple on the same day!!! I was with my nephew and he said look auntie its the same people! I almost screamed. I felt like I was in a bad episode of the Twighlite Zone. It took me 6 months to feel at home but when I did I loved it! I am looking forward to moving back ..the drive is taking ALL my hard earned money on gas to work. Ain’t nobody got money to be flushing down the drain. I can use that gas money on other more important things. Well gotta go..(panting) I have to rush and get haircolors..and text clients back before my day gets started..Chao!😅


Before and After


This color this past weekend she was refered to me by her sister. I’m going to have her come back one more time real soon to redo it. Whenever you go from bleach blond to dark to have to do it a few times because it will fade. Its good to use a sulfate shampoo and try not to shampoo it every single day.

If you live in the south bay California area and your hair needs a little love text me at 424 215-8362

PS) my pointed witchpoo nails are becoming a hit in the shampoo department..LOL

A good shampoo


Got my witchypoo pointed nails done by Jimmy this past Thursday. I give better shampoos when I have acrylic nails on. I don’t like to wear gloves when I shampoo because I can’t feel the hair. I feel so flattered that Jimmy is getting popular with the rich and famous. He’s so humble and professional. His workers don’t make you feel uncomfortable by talking Vietnamese the whole time they are doing your nails. I  am very observant and learn a lot from him on how to treat my clients. He doesn’t get stressed when they act crazy with him. Unlike me, I want to punch some on the neck when they get a funky attitude with me..LOL..

I’ve  been going to him for 18 years..and he still treats me like a new valuable client. Let’s see how long I can keep these nails on. I seem to be enjoying them for now. They make me feel so ladylike.. I feel like a cat..meow😂



Miss you guys..I’ve been so busy..I did this yesterday. This is Nicole, this is her second session ombre. She is so adorable to me..she’s cute and funny. She will be coming in about 3 months so I can continue to brighten it up. A trim was included yesterday.

I took the day off work. I have a million things to do. I hope to post more pictures later..Chao!👋

Feeling thankful


I’ve been concentrating on the things that I should be thankful for. I’m so thanful that out of hundreds and thousands of hairstylists in California my clients have choosen me to do their hair. I have young, old, different races and backgrounds. I need to make a more diversed grid. Tonight I wanted to focus on my glamour girls. They have stuck with me through thick and thin. Even when I make appt mistakes. They allow me to try new color techniques. Some are squirmish and scared and others say go for it!

The more thankful you are for the simple things in life the more likely your negative feelings will change to a more positive one. I try to write down at least 10 blessings on my journal before I go to bed. Tonight I wanted to share one of my blessings. Sometimes we drown ourselves in a cup a water and forget what is of more importance. Be thankful your not sick, you have a bed to sleep on, you have friends, a job, a book deal, a car, a job, hot water..etc..there is always someone out there who has it much harder than you. Life is a circle, what ever vibe you put out there its what your going to get. The choice is yours😍👋👌💕

Ombre hair


Sorry I haven’t been around lately to vent, post pictures or just talk to myself:) I’ve been busy chasing life. Its time to go to the tax man and a whole bunch of other stuff. This is Morgan I met her when she was 3 months old. I can’t believe that was 21 years ago. She drove an hour and a half to come get her hair done. She made an appointment and the girl never showed  up. That can happen to the best of us. If I do that I kiss a lot of gluteals. Sometimes hair appts get messed up. It happens. The hair dresser flaked out and it came in my favor..Morgan loves her hair❤👌

She had long black hair and wanted a change she is gorgeous blond or brunette. I cut off about 4 inches  and painted the bleach and color on her I used no foils. I used 8np by Paul Mitchell and hair bleach. We had good conversations about how hard it is to date cause many nowadays are cheaters, got some side chick or living the downlow lifestyle…technology isn’t helping the cause. Much flirting on texts and so on. I lOVE MY JOB..I get to talk about anything and transform lives with a color tube.

Well let me take off my makeup and go to bed now. Its late up in here…:D

Feel good


I hope I have the impact to make people feel good. Monetary things is not always a gift if pain comes with it. If someone buys you things and later on it comes with a lot of insults and sarcasm then let that person go. A gift can mean listening when someone is down, a sincere compliment, encouraging someone, keeping secrets, those are far more valuable gifts. Make sure when someone leaves your presence they leave with a big smile and feeling good even if you only have two dimes in your wallet.

Music videos


I use to hair for music videos. I did not do a lot but enough to make me feel special..hehe… This Jon B. He is a r&b singer…he did a song named “What you say boo…it was filmed in LA. I use to go his house and do his assistance’s hair..I use to braid it. She ended getting fired. They say she was stealing. Jon was always nice and pleasant to me. I sent a private message on his inbox to see if he remembered me and I did not get a response. I’m not sure artists interact with their fans on Facebook. I also did hair at his “Watcha say boo. (video shoot.) I miss that glamorous lifestyle. It was fun while it lasted…👍

That is Jon and I in the best years of my  life.

Cake face


I don’t remember if I posted this before this is me with my different makeup looks. Unfortunately I’m going to have to put my makeup artist dreams on hold for a while. I have some bills I need to pay off before I spend money on makeup. I also haven’t had a chance to revamp and take refresher makeup courses..if its not one thing its another.

I was hoping to reuse my Katy Perry fake eyelashes today but I can’t. They have too much glue from the prior use. I do know how to get that glue off and I don’t feel like spending $7 dollars on fake lashes today. I guess I will do my makeup  subtle today. I’m sick with a cold or the flu again..I have body aches and feel awful. Just because you dont feel good doesn’t mean you have to walk around looking crazy. Of course it all depends on the situation..if you have a love interest..you can gotta keep your game up and fix yourself rain or shine. Keep them on them toes💕👍

Short hair


More pictures from friday. Short hair works better on thin fine hair. I gave her a layered Bob cut and thinned the sides. I gave her bleach highlights and toned it with a Caffe latte pm shines glosser to make it look healthy and shinny.