Life would be great


This world would be a better place if grown adults would stop playing mysterious games. No body has time to try and figure you out. Don’t treat someone like an option because your ego flies to the max when you know your liked..remember..feelings dont last forever…we constantly change. Its not that you don’t know what you have till its gone, Its you thought what you had would NEVER leave. Dont get it twisted. Some folks get turned off very easily when they sense they are being played like a violin. If you loose a good thing. You may not EVER get it smart. Appreciate  that good man or woman who is taking chances humiliating themselves to get your interest. You don’t know the courage that it took for someone to tell you that they like you. You don’t know the distress their in waiting for a response you don’t know any of that because your too busy thinking your all that. Remember pride is before crash don’t wreck yourself.

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