I went to Emperors College in Santa Monica yesterday to get treated for some health issues I have. I’ve tried accuputure before about 12 years ago and it helped me so much. This time around they asked me to change my eating habits. You know I’m a crack head when it comes to sweets. I can eat a Snickers bar everyday if I could.

The work is done by students with teachers coaching them. I trust acupuncture students, they work very hard at being perfectionist at the collage.. I was given some Chinese herbs and told not to drink alcohol, cut sugar and white breads out of my diet. I did not go there to loose weight but my diet was messing me health up. Now I am being cured on a bunch of things at the same time. This year its all about me..loving and taking care of me. The greatest love affair you can have its with yourself.  No one is going to rescue you. You have to rescue you. The more you focus on yourself (not in a narcissist selfish way) the more you attract good things. The one person you like who’s been taking your for granted will call or text you when he or she wakes up and realizes that they are not
all that anymore, you get more respect, you feel better, positive choices can help your buisness, your self esteem goes up, you have something different to talk about instead of your repeated drama. If you want something done don’t wait till next month next year, start working towards your goals now!! Take baby steps but keep going.. Life with direct you.

Today is my first day of my experimentation on my no alcohol, sugar and white foods diet. The doctor said I will loose weight without going to the gym. He gave me two months to loose 20 pounds. I have to listen to him. I don’t have money to be throwing away and the drive from LA to Santa Monica is a chaotic stressful one, where is everyone driving too?! Good grief! LOL

I did not plan out my meals today..I have to figure it out as I go along. I will keep you posted on my progress okah,💝😂



  1. Sean Mungin · March 1, 2015

    Good luck 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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