Thirsty women


I understand we live in a society where people march to their own drum. Its all about me me me me me..they do anything to get what they want even if it means dissing their own selves. Ladies..less is more. You can’t have your boobs all out, short mini skirts and stripper shoes when you go out and expect men to respect you. I don’t agree with sexual harassment.. But some things are just common sense. Its like sitting in a lion’s den with a piece of stake then act surprised when the lion comes after you…ummmm duh. I also understand that men are few there is more of us than them..and so the competition is fierce.  You will feel better about yourself if you dress like a lady and win him over with your charm, culinary skills, your personality.. Etc…no need to show your ashy boney knees.
Show a little not too much. I’ve spoken to men who tell me its stressful going on a date with a girl over exposed…they feel like they have to be ready for a fight. They get anxious that some disrespectful guy is going to say something to you and he will have to step in and man up. Think about the whole picture use discernment.. Its not just about exposing it all..its about a whole bunch of other stuff.


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