Last year


I found this old picture on my Instagram of a makeover I did. I think she was one of my first models I used to jump start my drive for becoming  an amazing makeup artist. I’m not amazing. Its my goal to be one day😜

I have two small makeup cases that need reviving. Makeup is very expensive career. Now I understand why they charge so could never have too much makeup. People have different texture skin and tone want your clients to look human not like Ronald McDonald the  clown. I compromise..I mix lipstick colors together. I try to get creative with the small makup collection  I have. One day I will have a big suitcase.

Well I will see you lovely people later…I have to tend to my mom’s cat Juliet…she is screaming in pain with a bad tooth ache..we’ve been trying to get her to a vet..but they gave us the run around that we can’t take her unless we show them the credit insurance card. Can’t they call the dang 800 number?!! Such lazy people! Hopefully the insurance card will be in the mailbox tomorrow. We don’t come from money and vets cost a arm and leg. I can’t wait for this system to be over with. I’m so over the insurance greed.  It makes me sick! Poor Juliet:((



  1. Christina Braccia · February 27, 2015

    You did great on your first makeover! I am so sorry about your moms cat. Vets are so expensive it’s nuts!

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