A catastrophe


And so Susie comes in ..my high school guinea pig one of my first clients. I tried something different today. I did her balayage highlites while her roots were processing to kill some time. It all turns out well at the end but it was a castasthrope at the shampoo bowl..yikes!!! The highlights did not lift enough at the roots because I applied it on top of the color to make it look more natural…okay no big deal I can always add more highlites right….well thats not the end of it. I gave her a PM shines hairglosser by Paul Mitchell to tone her hair and make it shinny and soft…I used the glosser named *Titanium* it looked so pretty on the color chart…well her hair came out purple like Barney..a pretty violet shade.. I panicked a lil bit without letting her know. I used a clarying shampoo..then I did a shampoo cap..(bleach mixed with shampoo and peroxide) to try and pull Barney out. I left it on for 5 min…phew!! I told her that I was making her highlights lighter because it did not lift enough. She never questions me which makes my life easier…she said: “Okay Evy…and just laid back in the shampoo bowl. She never saw her Barney hair because she was laying at the shampoo bowl …hehe…..well this is how it turned out. Tada!!! She loved it!!! Next time I will dilute the PM Shines glosser with clear.

Close call..LOL😜😂😆…yikes!


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