Haven’t been myself in the past week feeling blah. .be careful what you ask for you might get it then realize its nothing you thought it was.  I have things to say but my thoughts are smashed together like potatoes. Self improvement in the inside its what keeps me focused. I’m constantly trying to be and act like a better person. So if if you think you know me you really don’t because that was yesterday.

One thing I learned this week is to keep your circle of friends real small two or three the most. Venting to everyone is not a good idea. At the end of the day some folks don’t really care what your going through as long as your going through something. You can see the disappointed in some their face when you tell them everything is fine. We cannot be everything to everyone we fail people and they fail us. That is where self love comes in. Take time to smell the roses, buy that CD you’ve been wanting to get, take a day off work and get mental break, stay in bed 45 min or more and do nothing, don’t always run to answer your phone. Stay in silence and listen to your inner thoughts and meditate on your discernment of situations, meditate on your GUT feelings about things. We know the answers we are just looking for reasurrance. The question is what are you going into do when you get  the answer? Are you going to act on wisdom or take the challenge and try to fit a camel in a neelde’s eye? Is everything of value worth fighting for? Why does everything have to be a fight? Why can’t things run smooth. Like when you drive and you pass 4 green lights without interruptions?

Hummm decisions decisions decisions…I’m going to stick my smashed potato mind and go back under the covers and hide here for a few more hours…..blah…..



  1. Human Interest · February 25, 2015

    I’m glad you realized that about ‘friends’. Some may never realize that and if they do, it’s too late. I hope everything start to improve for you soon! 🙂

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  2. xxtokyoxx · February 25, 2015

    This is definitely something I need to work on. I tend to rush into everything haha. Great post (:

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