You know I found a hastag here on word press for mobile photography. All my marketing pictures were taken on my cell phone. I use to spend money placing adds in coupon books and nothing much came out of it. I would get two or three people the most who came in for the hair discount never to be seen again. The blessings about social media and cell phones are that I can market myself 24/7 I can post pictures of my work when I can’t sleep, when I hang out in the lobby area at my mom’s doctors appointments.. Etc…now let me tell you photography aint no joke. It is way harder than bleaching someone’s hair out. You think your taking amazing pictures then you look and find a million flaws that need to be edited. That is where  patience comes in. This is my adopted daughter Ashley.. She is one of my hair models. I’ve taken her under my wing to show her the protected way in this cold insensitive world. I want to save her from all the heartaches I’ve experienced with false friends, love, work..and so on. There are somethings I cannot prevent her from. Somethings we have to learn  on our own. THE BIGGER THE PAIN THE BIGGER THE LESSON.

I use to go her highlites with foils but not anymore. Last year I placed her under the dryer with foils for her highlights, they got  got too hot and burned her scalp. That was the end of that. Now I color and bleach her hair  by painting it on her hair like I’m Picasso!! That is the art and beauty about doing hair..there are no rules💕🙋💇

PS) Oh I forgot..I’m not supposed to be blogging today it’s Sunday my rest day..LOL!


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