No Rules


There is this hair color trend called balayge..its where you paint bleach on the hair. Don’t know how it blew up and it became so popular.. People have been playing with bleach and painting it on for ages. Today I broke the rules like I always do. I painted the bleach then used hair color in the space in between the bleach to try something new..Tada!! This was the outcome. No foils, no hairdryer..just acted like a bleach artist.. Hehe..I don’t know what I will name this technique… Hummmm …I have to think about the at one..let me know if you guys can think of a cool name for my new invention.

Ashley (my adopted daughter) wanted a new look..she gets tired of being asked if she is a minor. She asked me to give her a emo haircut. Kids are walking around with the emo looks like a bad 80s cut with piercings on the face. I wanted to do it more soft and pretty and so I did my thing. Ashley has wavy hair and so she is going to have to flat iron it to get this look. She was real happy with it. I’m real happy about that. I will post more pics tomorrow..I have to go to bed now  I have a early morning client..and I don’t want to be late👊❤


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