Hair models


These two are my hair models. I use them for social media. I did their hair yesterday. It was all good. MaKenna was still getting her hair done when Ashley walked in. They introduced themselves and everything went spiffy after that. They got along great, they  laughed and talked. You just never know how things will turn out when females are in the same room. Sometimes the competition for attention  is fierce and I end up a sack of  nerves trying to please everyone. I’ve been in those situation before many of times. I brightened up Kenna’s ombre hair color for the spring next month and I gave Ashley a complete hair makeover but still kept her lenght. They won’t be coming in anytime except Ashley for her makeup makeover. I found someone to give me makeup classes. I’m over the moon!!

I like to use different models for hair and makeup. I want a black model for the makeup. Tyler my nephew’s friend agreed to be my model for makeup when I purchase more makeup. For now I have to keep hustling to make that kind of money.


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