Pink eyes


I found this app that can change your eye color. I decided to try pink just because, what if I had pink or lavender many doors would open for me..LOL…Anyhoo I did my makeup two months ago I think this was the best I’ve ever done. I learned some tricks on how to apply it on mature skin. I cannot believe my skin is considered mature.. Say wa!!!!

I did some tips I learned from my makeup book, it says that I have to wear more makeup.. Now that’s fer sure..I have to fill in my eyebrows. I’ve been doing that. They start to get thinner and you get that chola gangster no eyebrow look. Its also good to use a primer, it helps smooth the skin before you apply your makeup so you don’t have those creases like a road map on your face. I have been using the Mac primer. I am satisfied it👌❤ I only use it twice a week when I cake my face as I dont want to waste the product  since I like it so much. I still have on the eyelases I got on Sunday at the Slauson Swap Meet…I had to retouch the glue. I don’t think they used the *DUO* eyelash glue. I find that to be the best one. Of course I got glue all over my eyelids today…no body could really tell since it hid in the creases of my eyelids..haha..I’ve been good about not scrubbing my eye area as I want my lashes to last until tomorrow at least. I will do my makeup and post a picture of me with new lashes okay. Until now..I better start doing something productive or else I will sit playing with my cell for hours. ..bye..(waves):))

PS) I signed up to get a notification on my cell when the next makeup classes are available in Torrance..yes!! Can’t wait. Don’t you just love technology😍


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