Hair color


Today I did a color retouch on my baby sister’s hair. She has curly thick black hair, this hair color did not happen over night. It took a few months to get it like this. Today I just touched up her roots with 8np (smokey blond) by Paul Mitchell with 30 volume peroxide. Next time she comes I will touch up her hightlites. I don’t do her highlights every single time she comes. I alternate it every other appt. I trimmed her ends today. We joked and  laughed like we always do. I have 99 problems but a awesome relationship with my sister is not one of them. I’ve been blessed in that department of my life. She’s been my guinea pig since I was in beauty college. We are 14 years apart. I would shave her  sides of her hair like a mullet, braided her hair like Bo Derick. I remember one time when she was a lil girl she was acting very quiet..never trust quiet kids. She was imitating me. She had our cat in a head lock and cut off one side of his whiskers. She was giving him a haircut. When I found her under the table she let the cat loose and the cat ran out running sideways. It was the funniest thing ever. Who knows when she will come in for her next hair appt..she’s a busy girl. For now I get to rest. I got home early, my last client canceled. It feels good and strange going home when the sun is still out👏

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