I did something productive in between working on my clients. I went to the cute Japanese store I think the name of if is Daiso the dollar fifty store. I bought this organizer and did the tedious job of separating my bobby pins so I don’t look all crazy when I’m trying to do an updo. The good thing about having goals you stay focused and  don’t have time to get caught up in drama. Remember I said I wanted to be one of them neat  freaks not the annoying kind though. I’m not a dirty person. I’m just always on the run, running to work, rushing my food,. Etc..the only thing I don’t rush is my hot baths at night when I get off work..I can stay there forever. I have to catch myself. I find myself falling asleep..

Just finished eating Chinese rice on the rush. Have to clean up my mess and rush to the gym…  just got done listening to Maraiah Carey (salon talk)..her husband dumped her after she stood by his side when he was almost dying in the hospital. Nick you knew she was lil touched in the head when you  married her.
What happened through thick and thin. Or was it only until you got back to health? These are the kinds of conversations my clients and I have.. Celebrity salon gossip makes us forget our stuff we are dealing with. Love it. This time I was thinking out loud. I’m done with my clients. This is a repeated conversation I had with a client a couple of weeks ago😜😂

Don’t want to go to the gym…ugh…(waves)😅😅


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