I am loved by my clients. They take such good tender care of me. If its not cupcakes its juices, food, gifts..etc.. today I got sugary cupcakes from my highschool friend Dianna. I gorged one and gave the other one to my coworker Loan who is always feeding me. I could never complain that I am starving. God makes sure I  eat. You can tell by my belly fat. Haha!

I made a mental note that I will avoid WordPress and social media on Sundays to market my work. Life isn’t just about working yourself to death. I am learning to become well rounded. Take care of your spirituality first, health second, family and work third. That is my order. You can change your list around to your liking..(to each their own)… Tomorrow I am  not going to answer text or calls, I am ditching  my cell to go to Venice beach or something. I miss the crazy folks. I love me some Venice Beach. I need a mental break from work, bills and responsibilities for just one day this month. I want to be Michael Jackson for a day and act like a kid AAAAALL day!

I’m working on my last client. Its rare that I go home early on a Saturdays when the sun is still out. I will hit the gym soon after. I ended up flaking last nite. I was too busy hustling and flowing ..posting hair and makeup pictures till late. The gym is a must now. Its not for looks its more for my health and mental being. It helps me work long hours like I use too when I was 21_💪❤💪❤ why do I appreciate my health  more now that I’m aging?? Why??..We humans are backwards. I speak for myself💃

Gotta rinse a hair color now!💇 bye!:))


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