80s hair


Maria knows her hair, she suggested that I use a diffuser and dry it big then go ahead and curl it. She has fine hair somewhat frizzy but very soft. I was defeating the purpose drying it smooth then curling it. It was making the hair too soft. Another suggestion is not to use conditioner if you want your curls to stay, use a light leave in conditioner instead. The more more friction the hair has the stronger the curl. Use a mouse or light styling gel as well on damp hair then dry it. Listen to your clients. They know come up with cool hair tips. I really like how her hair came out something different. She wanted big 80s hair and so I did it.

Maria came in for crown highlites. I only did the roots and did not pull the bleach through the ends since her hair tends to dry out and gets split ends. Here’s another hair tip leave a lil bit of hair conditioner on the ends..towel blot it really good then dry it.

Just walked back from the supply store. This California weather is acting very strange…its earthquake weather. Hot and windy. I cannot really put it in
words but I know something is going to happen. Only a handful of people I know are in tuned with the weather. Everyone else is too busy walking the dog😜

Well gotta rinse my next lovely client. I like when she walks in. She’s total fashionista!💇❤

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