I dont believe in soulmates. I believe in two people learning to put up with one another. Love to me is enteraining a thought. If you  keep entertaining thoughts about someone your feelings will grown if you nip those thoughts as soon as there are red won’t get caught up in a situation that will suck all your emotions. Maybe I sound cynical? Who knows. My biggest love life love lessons are that I am wanted, special, the dream girl, and the bag of chips as soon as I stop entertaining thoughts about someone. I show affection, support you dreams, try not to play the silly dating games that get you ahead. Eventually I tire out and you become a has been. There is a song out there that some guy sings that goes something like this: “Love is when you loose her….(now why you gotta loose me to realize I was the one for you)??

There is that famous Rules book out there. Feminist women can’t stand it. I myself have witness many of my friends get married doing the rules. In fact in just one year I had given the book to 3 friends. They all got married within a year no joke!!! Every girl that I gave the book too got married. Most of them are happily married. There is a science to this love thing. It’s hard for me to follow the Rules.. I wear my heart on my sleeves until one day I wake up and I’m turned off by you. If you don’t realize what you had when you had me. Why would I want you when you realize it too late? I am the same person I was then. I know, I’s the whole thrill if the chase thing.   At the end of the day..whether I like it or not…we are like animals…we are like cats and dogs. Words aren’t necessary to communicate my mom’s cat is very well understood and she doesn’t say a word. We know when she gets jealous when we feed the neighborhoor’s cat, we know when she is hungry, when her tooth hurts, when she wants to come inside. You will know when I am tired out of the waiting game. My silence will confuse your existence. So yes. The thrill of the chase does work. I hate to admit it but it does. If they don’t break a lil sweat trying to get you…they won’t appreciate you. Vice versa.

I don’t think I could ever allow myself to fall madly in love with anyone again. My heart has developed keloid..its harder. If you leave today I will rant to my friends about it for a few days but then go back about my business. You will NOT see me depressed on no couch, I will not stop going to the gym and I will not create more unecsassay wrinkles. Next—–>>>

Life is really really short. Learn from your mistakes and learn them fast or else the lesson will keep presenting itself over and over again through different people. Focus on this day and this day only. Do the best you can with what you got. Let tomorrow bring its own story. Do not sabbotage your respect and Integrity for someone who is not appreciating you.


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