I have quite a few accounts two on Instagram and two on facebook one for personal and one for business. You start mixing personal stuff with business then you get the nosy ones who just want to find dirt…and use it against you to rat you out. Rat you say? You’d be surprised. Facebook is more like a UFC ring.. People tend to be on edge ready to explode and have controversial arguments about everything. Lots of affairs going on the inboxes, and many broken friendships, facebook to me is Satan’s playground, ..Instagram I must say was the one that jump started my social media clientele. On the other hand WordPress has taken me to a whole different level.. I feel like my hair work gets much more respect even though I dont have as many followers like l do on Facebook and Instagram. Nothing I can say here can be used against me since I’m not hidding anything. Sure some might get their stockings in a bunch if they put two and two together and figure out the stories. On well. I can’t be worse than Kanye..LOL I’m not trying to purposely rain on someone else’s parade..I give credit to many. Since I joined wordpress three months ago I see a hugh change for the better in my business. I seem more serious minded and don’t take my clients for granted. I appreciate them that much more. My Inspiration comes from hairstylists and makeup artists on Instagram. The competition is fierce there, and so WordPress is my lil get away from both Facebook and Instagram. Its my lady cave. Its my secret diary where I share my daily life, my pain, joys and fears..my accomplishments and goals..

I saw a blog the other day where a man said he was going to stop blogging after 15 years. I had mixed emotions.. I felt bad that I did not read all that he had to say in those fifteen years and why wasn’t movie made about his fifteen years of blogging. 15 years??!!!! Then I felt happy for him because he said he was going to go on with his life. I had two emotions entertwined…. Happy and sad for him at the same time. I wear my heat on my sleeves. Dont know if that is a good thing. His blog left a lasting impression on me. I dont remember making a comment on his good bye blog.. Little does he know that his last blog is still in the back of my subconscious mind. His last blog touched my core..  Should I blog for 15 years? Or do I stop now?


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