Ombre hair color


I refreshed Stephanie’s hair color. I used a level 6 smokey blond on her roots toned the washed out ends with  10v toner then picked out random pieces of hair and brightened them with bleach…topped it off with a blowdry and flatiron.

It was hard to find a location to take nice shots. These lights makes everyone’s hair… look the same ..nevertheless she left a happy camper.

I went back to Cosmoprof to buy wax paper for highlights and the girls just ended giving me the rest of the products that was in the plastic container…remember my blog earlier about shopping on sale. Guess what..they gave me another  curling iron.  How cool is that💕👍

Now I just need to buy new towels…I’m  going to get regular towels (small ones of course) salon towels don’t last very long. I guess the wear and tare of washing them every day takes a toll…I’m going to take quick cat nap before my client walks in…ZzzzzZzzzzzzz


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