Her color had been black for a very long time. She wants that nice golden JLO hair color. Its going to take TIME, yesterday was her first process of trying to get that black out. Thank goodness she was very understanding and knows that it’s going to take TIME
get that black out.  She was happy. I left home happy… be continued next month. She is a new client..and a very nice one at that…yay!!!😍

I’m hidding in the back room as I type..don’t want to be bothered with my first client. She’s so undecisive…. I irritates me.  I’m terrible😆😅 I have to go rinse her out now. Hopefully she’s happy today. I’m booked all day..I have to be in my best attitude.. (Sigh)



  1. cantstopwontstopbooks · February 7, 2015

    Wow, I think the after picture is gorgeous, even if it’s not where she wants to be yet. I feel her pain though. Throughout most of my middle school/early high school, I repeatedly box dyed my hair black. That was my first mistake. My second mistake was using that boxed ‘Color oops’ to strip my hair. I basically had to cut it all off, and start over. Now I have my hair about as long as your client’s, and it’s all my natural dark red/brown, save some copper/blond ombre bits for a little dimension.

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    • talesofthechair · February 7, 2015

      I’m sorry to hear that. Take biotin vitamins..if you take them faithfully you will noticed results after the third month. You hair will grow fast. We all learn through trial an error. I’m glad your hair grew back❤


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