To be continued


Good morning I did this last nite. Christina had a beautiful red ombre the picture on the left is from prior sessions. She developed an allergy from the red color and had to go see a doctor. Her scalp started to was bad. I’ve been slowly making her blond. She has hair down to her waist. I don’t want to strip the red out and  make her hair dry and crispy. The good thing is she a good understanding patient client. She knows not to expect me to make her blond over nite. Its not impossible to do but I’m not trying to damage anyone’s hair. Patience is a virtue. I will get her to a nice blond. Give me a few more session. For now her hair looks healthy, she did not need a trim last night. I used 8n on her roots (framesi color) and did a balayage, shampoo condition, a blow dry and flatiron. It takes me a long time to do her hair. I don’t ever book anyone after her. She is the nicest stepmother I have ever met in my life. I’m always in awe at how she speaks of her husband’s kids, Her  sincere interest in them makes her so BEAUTIFUL to me. She’s not jealous of them and doesn’t act shaddy with when her husband is not around. I want to give her a trophy.. I want to do a lot of things but time is always escaping me. One day I will do so..I don’t know when but I will.  I wish I could say the same. My father’s wife was a demonic character. (Still is) ..I hope non of her sons will see this lil brother her son would definitely be upset. I’m keeping it real. Did anyone see that movie fatal attraction? Enough said…anyhoo.. I gotta get back to returning calls and text messages..then rush off to work, I’ll be back later…(waves)

Christina is coming in next month for her color retouch. I will be making her blonder💕👍.. To be continued….


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