Yesterday I did Quetah’s color retouch. I used 6n by framesi. Prior too that I a couple of months ago I had done the keratin treatment. When she first shampood her hair at home it looked frizzy. I don’t think the Kerstin was mad to wash and go. You still have to blow dry it and style it. Her hair looks really shinny and it swings really pretty. I also gave her a trim. I’ve only done two keratin treatments so far. It seems like one of those things you can just offer anyone. The hair has to be in good condition.

This week has been so good so far. The insecure client who makes my back go out from stress hasn’t walked in the shop yet. Remember I told you I blocked her phone number from my cell because she got diva on me and made me run late for my next client and my client walked out because she didn’t like how insercure was talking to me. She would drain me to the point that I could got walk. She insists on having Jennifer Lawrence’s hair..even though her hair is thick and poofy. She wants her hair strand and pieces exactly like hers. Well its not going to happen. Jennifer has fine texture hair she is white your not. I tried to explain to her how they both have different types of hair but her insistance on getting something that may not work for her  then getting snappy with me because she has other issues going is not going to cut it with me. I’ve put up with it for like 10 years.  If after the third time you don’t like my work don’t come back, year after year, after year. I don’t want to waste your time and I dont want to waste yours. Comprende.


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