Fried chicken


Okay so you all know I want to be a professional chef..not for a living but to feed friends and husband to be one day.  My nephew’s friend  Tyler taught me some tips that made such a hugh difference. The chicken came out moist and delicious! I had a problem with meats. Remember my Cuban dish it came out to be a catastrophe..I used cooking wine instead of drinking wine and it tasted like vinegar..yuck! What a wasted of money.. Ingredients isn’t cheap. Oh well.  Keep trying till you get it right. My 17 year old nephew told me that my cooking was good today and getting better. He is my food critic:)

I am going to take  some days off work this month and cook I want to do it  in peace. Not having to rush after work etc. Cooking had a bad taste in my mouth since I see many women complain that they are tired cause they work, run the household and take care of the kids. I want to cook out of love. Not because dinner HAS to be ready at 5 or else my man is going to have a fit. If we both WORK he should understand that I need a foot message after working 12 hours on my feet. You know what I’m saying😆😂😅😁 Show the ladies some love. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a man hater. There are some amazing men out there who share the load. I’m talking about MUCHO  MACHO LIBRE men😅


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