Gabby came I’m today she found some pictures on instagram that she wanted to try m actually her hair does did not look like that on the left. Her hair had faded to a real ashy color. She told me that her wage smells like chlorine. That explains it. My cell phone make everyone’s hair look brassy. I can’t stand it. I used two colors 5n and 6n framesi color line mixed together…combed it through then did balayage while she was processesing I topped it off with a 8na color and used it as a toner on the ends with 5 volume peroxide for 15 min trimmed and then blowdryed it.

We had a funny conversation about feet. She has cute feet. I told her how years ago when my nephew was only like a year and a half and he was making gross faces at the pharmacy when he would look at this woman’s crusty feet.. She had dry unkept  feet with chipped polish. I thought to myself if a baby gets grossed out with bad feet what do men think? I developed a feet phobia. I will NOT wear open toe shoes if I don’t have a fresh nice pedicure ..if a tiny chip occurs.. Its back to my closed shoes. I don’t care how hot it is. In conversation with my male clients they have expressed how nice feet on a woman is appreciated. Ladies take care of yourself. You dont have to do it for anyone but yourself. Try some cool bright colors don’t be shy😅


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