Phone apps


Okay I’m getting closer to looking like a celebrity makeup artist with the phone apps grid…hehe..its all an illusion…I have a mirgrain my Clip on hair extensions are pulling my scalp. I can’t wear my own hair anymore thanks to glue extension I wore years ago left me with bald spots my hair never grew  back where the bald spots are on.. Stress did not help me,  loosing my hair to the point where I look like my father…he looked like the 3 stooges when hes was alive. Hair on the sides and bald on top. Well not that bad.;) I am putting myself in a vulnurable situation sharing with you guys about my hair loss. I don’t dwell on it because its too much baggage. I got too many other goals I’m reaching for that I have to focus on…for example cooking chicken strips when I get out of my service meeting today…love you guys..will chat later..much!!


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