For the life of me I cannot take a good picture without drama. I did my makeup inspired by the fabulous makeup artists out there. But its not as easy as it looks when I used the flash you can see ALL the flaws. I used drugstore makeup today because I’m running out of my Mac foundation which smooths everything out. I guess it’s good to see ALL the flaws so that I can take notice on where to blend the contouring. I looked like  I was one of the last of the Mohicans with all them lines going across my face..LOL..boy the struggle is real when it comes makeup. You may look good in person but a picture doesnt lie.

You no my motto, practice makes perfect. If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself and try again. Some of you know my list of dreams..race car driver, music DJ, violinist, makeup artist, chef, oil painter..for now I will focus on what I can do. Cooking and makeup. My newphew’s friend  Tyler cooks so good. I meant this girl is only  18 years old…came in the trian from Long Beach to spend the afternoon cooking here. I dropped them off at the market and she’s going to teach me some cooking tips. They are there as I type. I will use her as a model for my makeup. I need to purchase more foundation for her skin tone. Stay tuned as I will do her makeover sometime this month. Isn’t bartering fun! I don’t have to stress about going to chef school for now.. Yay! What a beautiful sunday❤ 


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