I ditched work yesterday to rest and kick off what was left of the flu. I must say I feel so much better. I tried to avoid my cell but that is nearly impossible. I got a few texts and calls. Its okay. I’m thankful that I’m still getting texts and calls. Be careful what you asks for. I remember saying: “Oh I wish my clientel will build up again like it use to be…well now it did. Things don’t magically happen even if you wish, dream or scream for it..(social media rebuild my clientel again) You have have to put work into EVERYTHING you want in life. I spent the whole day organizing paper work…I ended up throwing 3 bags of paper trash. Organization prevents unecessary stress. I went from living in a nice apartment I had for 9 years to  being in a small room at my mom’s. That is what happens when you feel sorry for people and you keep giving discounts. It took me from sitting on top of the world to sitting on the of the curb for me to take care of myself. I didn’t save when I should have I thought I was always going to be a big baller. In 2009 the economy crashed. I lost many clients. Many lost their jobs, homes and moved out of state. They would come crying, upset, stressed out, lots of hair shed from the stress etc. You think I had the heart to raise my prices? NO I didn’t. I never did, I felt sorry for folks.. But then I would see them take luxurious vacations, have elaborate weddings, Gucci bags and all. My codependent ways snow balled into me being on a bus living in the hood with my mom. My mother always lived in nice good neighborhoods but she ended up here when in one of her schizophrenic episodes, she got evicted because she caused commotion at her old place. She said God told her she was going to move and so she threw ALL her furniture outside and neighbors looted EVERYTHING. ..that’s a whole other story. I’m over the self pity ..I share my stories once again so that you know that your not alone. What doesn’t kill me refines me. I hope to own my own lil hair studio one day and move out of here within the next couple of years. And so I’m organizing my life and making steps towards that direction. I have other dreams and plans but will keep that hush hush ..somethings I gotta keep to myself 🙅😹

Well its time for me to get up. I have
a full busy day at work. Back to the grind. I will share hair photos later..

Have a nice day..(waves)


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