Short hair styles


This is Karen, last year she had shoulder length red hair. One day she asked me: “Evy I want it short and blond..I was like: “Okay!! I never once hestitated to do it because she doesn’t question me..she knows that I’m going to give her what she wants in due time. She knows that I cannot get her to a perfect blond over night, she knows that it will take sessions. How does she know? She just does. She makes my life that much easier. She doesn’t snap or acts weird. She has full trust that I will perform. Well I did, but it did not happen over night. I don’t like to strip hair color and so I just gradually started to use a lighter base color every time she came in along with highlights. Since she wanted her hair short..I did not have to wait a long time to grow out the brassy stage. She’s been having her hair like this for about 9 months. It was actually cut in an angled bob. She had me cut it shorter today. She has now decided to slowly grow her hair out. That is the fun part!! I get to try different cuts and styles in the meantime while she goes through the awkward growing stage. The next time she comes in I’m going to give her a hair glosser or a toner..I want to get her blond to a nice sandy beach shade or a violet pearl…hummm..choices choices choices…can’t wait for her hair appt next month… I will definitely keep you posted and share her hair transformations okay:D


One comment

  1. Rikzah Zia · January 29, 2015

    Aww I think she looks really cute. 😀

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