Getting a text from you makes me smile it makes me forget my flu. I haven’t been this happy in ages… I want to to tell the world how happy I feel but I don’t. Only a handful of people know about you. I’m a open book but when it comes to matters of the heart less is more. I dont to share my secret world  with my client, or friends like I use too until something actually pops off between us…

Hold on my mom’s cat Juliet won’t let me type..shes walking a purring all over me..caressing my cell phone and scratching my chest as she finds a comfortable stop lay on…..oh there! She’s on my thighs..anyhoo what was I saying..oh…yes texting you makes me smile, wake up early, gives me hope to give love a chance. Funny how you came into my life when I wasn’t looking.. My goal was to write my book *Tales of the chair* become a fitness model, chef etc..you all know the rest..I have BIG dreams…hehe..I’m impulsive I want to text you whenever you come across my mind but I can’t. I’ve trained myself to hold back and save some for later so our love could be greater. I’ve learned not to be so available, to flirt a little then pull back to hold 75%  of my emotions because the nicer you are the more folks get scared away. Juliet the cat doesn’t want me texting today..now she’s sticking her paws on my face walking on top of me like I’m a wall. I think she misses my mom. Hopefully my mom comes home fromthe hospital today. They still don’t know where she is bleeding from. I say its all that medication she’s taken for her brain. There has to be a way to curb mental issues without the horrendous side effects. One of her medications she took for her schizophrenia has caused her to shake like she has parkinson desease. The doctor took her off that medication but the nerve damage is done. She her hands shake uncontrollably. I must say I’d rather have her shaking hands than her walking the streets a nite in the hood giving her money away.

Back to my texting..oh yes..texting you makes me forget my trials receiving a text from you makes me blush. Thanks to WordPress I can kill time here and not focus on you so much.. This time I’m not going to blow it. Its an unfortunate fact that I can’t be my old self and tell you how much I want to be with you. I have to play my cards right and be a little aloof and mysterious  to keep this going.  I must say its much funner that way. The suspense is awesome! Can’t wait to get rid of this darn flu so I can hit the gym again ..I have to get ready..I’m doing two new social media clients today. Business is bombing.. I just wish I had the money to show for it. If it’s not one bill its a other…its like I’m working to stay alive. This life is all about money money money….but when I get a text from you its all about us being alone in our own solar system..(blushing)



  1. uncnditionallove · January 27, 2015

    Hm…i do feel the same when i get his text early morning

    Liked by 1 person

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