After going to the hairshow and looking at the the cool furniture today it made me go hummmm..I’ve been at my shop for 7 years..I’m getting the 7 year itch. This is the longest I’ve been in a shop. Although its old fashion looking and falling apart I like the feeling of security. I don’t have the stress of it closing down anytime soon. Its been in the same plaza for like 18 years. Another part of me wants to be around nice beautiful things. I out grew the salon where I work. The thing about switching shops that its inevitable not to loose clients. Then having to get adjusted to new faces and attitudes. It seems like yesterday the snobby nail lady where I work snapped my head off and told me that the salon was much happier until I came along. She got mad because I organized her nail polishes in color cordination and cleaned the shop. She didn’t like way I cleaned it. She must of been menopausel or something. The only reason I did not ring her neck was because it was my second week there. I just went in my jeep and cried. I talk to her because I have to act like a nice Christian girl and I have to forgive..ugh..LOL..its all good. I just don’t send her any of my clients. She’s over prized she hasn’t bought any new nail polishes since Prince was named the *Symbol*..LOL..I crack myself up😂 Now you see why I hesitate jumping from shop to shop like I use too. I’m older I want to chill in one spot and not have to through  bullying from hormonal crazy nail people or stylists at a new shop.

Sorry the chair picture did not load up properly.. I did a repost.

The struggle is real..haha


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