A tribute


This is a tribute to my highschool friend Susie..w went to Gardena high back in the day when hip was fun and clean. Back to LL Cool J, Gap Band and Soul II Soul was on top of the world. She has never once attempted to cheat on me and go to another stylist. I knew her when her hair was black and she looked like a China doll now I call her Summertime Barbie. She had a hot bod and doesn’t
age. This girl right here doesn’t need  photoshop, croptop, botox, glue or anything to make her look good, she’s like Benjamin Button😄

I gave her a few tight piggy back pwrmt back in the day…her hair was down tobjer waist, it got poofy, frizzy with no curl. She had to wear it in a braid for 3 months. All along I thought I did a fantastic job. I was straight out a beauty college. I had the passion but not the experience. I had no idea I gave her a horrible perm until she told me until yeeeeeears later…LOL She’s  so humble she didn’t want to hurt my feelings and all this time I thought I did something good. I appreciate her my clientele started to grow with her…she has sent me so many clients. I would say 1/3 of my clientel are people she has sent me and they too have sent others too me. One big snow ball effect. She drives all the way from Orange County always on time and confirms her appts a day or two before. Here we are years later and its like time has never passed. We still bounce our heads to Kool and the Gang, Zapp and Dazz band. We don’t party like we use to life keeps us busy..and so we make her hair appointments into happy hour..we sip wine in coffee cups.. and act like we did when we were in highschool. ..and no don’t stress. I don’t drink on the job. I only do it with her cause we’re cool like that😅

Today I colored her roots I used 8np Paul Mitchell smokey blond…did a few crown highlights and a tiny trim. Her blond looks natural because she is 90% white hair. Me too who would of ever thought…I’d see myself with white gray hairs. If you want natural looking blond hair grow your hair white..LOL..(Jk)..no don’t do that..I can’t stand my grays..ugh!

Oh Keith Sweat is playing on the radio.. Who knows about him right there?!..Heeeey!!…. You know you got me twisted..love that song!!!…Sing along now..got me twisted…I got everything you need…😂:D😆


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