Good stuff


Kathy won the Joico conditioner on a raffle I had going on my Instagram. If your interested in taking a chance on winning gifts follow me on Instagram at evy90503. I have nothing but gratitude for my loyal client and my new social media clients. I wanted to do something special and give back. I was introduce to this good stuff by my friend Dianna. One day she came in the shop and I got a wiff of her good fresh smelling hair as I was shampooing it I  noticed her hair did not feel so crispy. It felt very soft. I’ve been using it sense. I wish there were bigger jars for the back bar.

I’m still trying to beat the flu. Its so beautiful outside. I wish I could take a nap or hang out at Venice Beach. I love watching crazy folks😂 for now I must rush off again and take care of some personal things then back to work I go. ..(panting)

Life life! Give and expect nothing back. Life has a way of taking care of you in  the most unexpected ways. The next time I raffle something maybe it will be a flat iron, hair dryer, a gift certificate to my awesome nail guy?…hummm what do you think:D


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