All over the place


I’m here at the car wash…I should be resting, but mind is all over the place. The social media addiction checking my stats is taking a hold of me. I want to drink a hot toddy and go home but I can’t. Self employed folks are not granted merci. We don’t get paid sick days.

I’m back, car is nice and clean, now I’m at the bowling alley at the plaza where I work. I won’t be able to sip my hot toddy in peace. No I have to gulp my tea. Gotta rush back to work to clean my station and get ready for my next client.

This is sweet tender lovable Nicole. She is biracial. I understand biracial hair💕 her hair has turned literally salt and pepper but more salt. She was coloring her hair dark. No worth it when you have that much white hair. When you go dark on gray hair the contrast is too extreme. I recommended going lighter. Her goal is to get the new silver pearl or bluish white hair that is very popular right now. This is my second session. I have her come in every two months so as not to over process her hair. I highlighted it today with bleach and 30 volume peroxide..gave her a shampoo cap (left over bleach mixed with shampoo) and left it on her hair for 10 minutes to blend the highlites with the rest of her hair. Then I used a toner by a brand named KENRA. LOVE THEIR TONERS💕. .I used the silver pearl toner. Its going to take about a year to get the results we want. Her patience as so attractive. She doesn’t get on my nerves. She trust what I’m doing. Patience is the key to awesome you beautiful Nicole! Can’t wait to see you again hun💕👍👌💝

I will keep you guys posted whenever she comes in and show you the progressive results👍


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