Ombre hair color


I did this today. These pictures show how hair colors look completely different in different lights. With flash or no flash as well. It’s hard to determine a hair color based on a picture because it looks different. I did her roots I mixed two color 7NP PAUL MITCHELL AND 7N Framesi..Color line for the roots. Sometimes I don’t have time to run to beauty supply and so I have to get creative and mix colors if I am running out of the color I need. I did a balayage ombre then topped it off with 9V pm shines. I did not shampoo the pm shines like I normally do. Your not supposed too. I get confused with other hair glossers where you are supposed to shampoo it out. My bad.

This is Lorraine. She is going to a firefighter retirement party for her husband tomorrow. She brought me a bunch of juices when she found out that I was sick. No worries. I worked with a mask on today. I don’t like to spread germs around. I doubled the doses in my vitamins yesterday and today..and sleeping a lot helps me. Today was a good day. Everyone went home happy today. All 3 customers💕👍

I will post a few more pictures before I go to bed. But first..I gotta take a shot of nyquil and respond back to me text messages. .don’t leave! 😆😅


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