Ombre color


I did this yesterday. Shawne has thick long hair. It has the tendacy to get poofy if its cut shorter. She wanted it shorter but I told her to wait a couple of weeks and try out this length and them come back if she wasn’t satisfied and I will cut more off. She wanted a somewhat golden red ombre based on a picture she showed me but I decided to use 7ash with 30 volume and used bleach on every other wax paper… The reason why I did not use a gold or red color is because if you already have black hair and you use those tones it will have a tendancy to fade into a brassy color.  With the ash color even if it fades it won’t be so brassy. Her hair will lighten up in about a month… For now I wanted to do a subtle change nothing too dramatic because she is still in highschool.

I’m so happy I made a mistake..I don’t have to be in until 11am and so I got to go back to sleep for an hour or so..yay! Now I must get up, rush off to work and go to the supply store and get the needed haircolors for today. Today I am doing Susan Mellen. The camaras will be following her tomorrow. I’m not sure what tv program she will be on. I just hope I don’t come out on TV today. I don’t have time to cake on my makeup and I’m still not feeling well. Okay guys.. I will post later…I must go now..(waves)🙋



  1. courteneynoonan · January 22, 2015

    Your hair is so pretty x


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