No stories


I haven’t been blogging due to being sick. AaàI have no stories to post. I slept all day yesterday. Last night I took 2 tequila shots, drank a hot tea with honey. .then later on drank nyquil. I am feeling much better today. I can’t be sick..I don’t get paid sick days and I’m booked all week..I have to finish paying off the dumb $889 ticket. I was hoping to buy some stuff at the hair show on Monday.. I guess not. I’m going to just have to walk around and look at things. If its not one thing its a other. I need a new chair, scissors and trimmers. I got sick from being burnt out. Working 6 days for 12 hours takes a toll on you. Business is starting to boom thanks to social media. I am slowly raising my prices and starting to feel like a respected stylist as apposed to the hairstylist who charges cheap. I will post more pictures of my makeover later on today. As for now I would like to thank you all for following me. I really appreciate it.💕


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