For my 120 followers


I want to thank you all for following my blog. I am full of gratitude. Your like my secret diary where I get to share stories and vent. This is Ashley one of my social media models. I do her hair and makeup to market my business. You won’t believe her grandfather is half Korean and Mexican. That goes to show that very few folks are full blooded anything. I am slowly learning photography tricks to enhance my pictures. Next time I do her makeup I’m going to use fancy eyelashes. I was on a budget and so I got her lashes for the $1.50 at a store named Daisako. Its a cute Japanese store.

Remember I take pictures from my cell phone and foggy glasses…I will slowly progress to a high fashion camara❤ I want to keep blogging but I gotta get up and get ready for work. I wish I could stay in bed another extra day to shake off this flu but I got bills in my po box I have to face😂:D😄;)


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