I want to be a chef


And so I have conquered my fear to get in the kitchen after 20 years. My ex husband was fine..we were a happy cute young couple then meth took him a away, he became a demon. I hate drugs. I’ve cooked here and there but not consistent. When we had our second cute lil studio it got worse. I tried to be Better homemaker and cook for him when he got home from work. If he didn’t like what I cooked he would take the plate throw it and smash it against the wall. It left me traumatized. I thought: “Wow my cooking is so bad it makes people smash plates. I did not reason that it was the speed drug that turned him into a monster. It took my baby sister to inspire me to cook. She should open a restaurant. She is the bomb cook! I see how her face lights up when we are licking our fingers as we eat her food. It took therapy and good people around me to encourage me to cook. I was up till 3am last night baking cupcakes and marinating chicken for a Cuban dish I’m making  today. I copied the recipie from a book store ..I think it was Borders. I love me some book stores..it’s my hiding place when I need space from the world. Can’t wait to go home and finish cooking my Cuban dish. So far everyone I gave a cupcake to today loved it. There is nothing wrong being the cooking stylist. Hey I could open a hair salon and have a lil bistro to cater my clients while they wait to get their hair done!!😜.. Gotta go mix hair color now my client showed up and just gave a vanilla shake…yummy!! I love my job😍


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