Today was a good day. Everything ran its course. Everyone was one time and all left home happy. I gotta say today was a good day. I did this cut last year. She is growing her hair out from a pixie cut. I recommend pixies on fine hair…I don’t have much to say. Don’t want to rant or anything like that. I noticed people tend to shy away when I rant on my blog. So I will start talking about butterflies, stars, and maybe cats or somthing.👍💕

I’m at the book store..going to check out some cook books and copy some recipes. I’m not a horrible cook but I could do better. Who wants to cook when you’ve been on your feet for 12 hours. I guess that doesn’t matter nowadays, women gotta cook, work, cut the grass, feed the kids, look good and change tires. I’m going to make some stakes..sometime soon..I want to cook like them southern folks, butter and all:))


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