This is what you call loyalty. I went to highschool with these dolls..we met when were like 17 or 18. I was going to beauty college full time in the day and adult school at night. I thought it was never going to end. Dianna is the one in the middle. I’m on the right. Dianna and I met in the office started talking and just hit it off. Susie I believed joined the school later on. One day Dianna and I were in the restroom and we saw Susie. We stared at her..she looked like a China doll. She had porcelain skin and black hair her makeup was perfect. We both blurted out when she left: “She’s so pretty!! Someone how we all started hanging out on our breaks. We use to smoke cigarettes. We thought we were cool like that, now I regret it..I wish I never did..your skin pays a big price.

They were my guinea pigs..I gave them tight gherri  looking perms,  relaxers, burning Dianna’s hair with the pressing comb. I would do their hair and Dianna and I would go clubbing ..how I managed to go to work the next day I don’t know. Its called youth. I can’t do that now. This was taken like 13 years ago when I still going out dancing. Non of us live in Gardena anymore. Susie drives from Huntington park almost like a 45 mind drive and Dianna live closer. We’ve been through divorces, miscarriage, job lost, drama with family etc and together. I owe Susie a lot. She was the foundation of my clientele. She sent me many clients that still come  today.

Sorry my cell is about do die and my client is texting..me..oh boy gotta go..I will finish the story later!!


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