Temper temper


I use to have a short temper.. Things change when you realize that you cannot change who don’t want to be helped and stay ignorant. There are two things that can make me blow a fuse and that is racism and bullying. I do not and will tolarate it in my chair even if you get away with it for a few years. I’ve gotten much better.

Here’s a story. I have client I will name Marybeth. She is white and can’t stand black folks. For the last 10 years I’ve endured her condesending remarks against blacks. She obviously kept forgetting that I am Dominican.. We are mixed Black, Indian and Spanish. I wasn’t raised to hate a certain race. My mother taught me well. Considering she is schizophrenic and bipolar. She has more sense than most people..anyways to cut the story short. Marybeth’s admosity towards blacks caused her to have one of her coworkers fired because she could not understand why in the world her white coworker was with a black man. I’m telling you the short version of the story. I was so upset that her ignorance permeated her to hurt her own kind. The white girl. She had the white girl fired. By this time I had had it. One sunny Saturday morning she goes on to tell me that they didnt hire a black lady who qualified for the job at her job because she was black. (The black lady was supposed to replace the girl who got fired) I flipped like a pit bull and lost it. I spinned my chair around while I was doing her hair and asked her: What da (bleep bleep) did you just say??!!!  I have never spoken to any client like that in my life. I don’t use bad words..I find it tacky to curse,  but this day something took over me. I lost all control. I was enraged. I wanted to punch her in the neck. One thing is to not like a certain race another thing is to sabotage their job. I remember going off on her…she kept apologizing. My energy was so angry that it bounced off on her. She ended falling and getting a staff infection on her knee that day I didn’t hit her but I made her so nervous enough to make her clumpsy enough to fall. She came back to her regular appointment the following week and I apologized for my behavior. She pretended like she didn’t know what I was talking about. Fast forward..I prayed hard that I let go of the resentment towards her and that I not let her get under my skin. She didn’t changed very much..she kept making the nasty sarcastic remarks against blacks. This time I wasn’t phased by it. I actually felt kitty for her.

I got rid of a black client for the same reason. I don’t care who you are. You cannot bring that nasty energy to my business.

I noticed the last year she’s been very quiet against blacks. We talk and laugh about celebrity gossip but she’s been mummm with her ignorance. I told myself one day: “Someone in her family is going to marry out their race..it was a passing thought. Sure enough. She showed me a picture of her beautiful blond niece and her husband. They are are newlywed couple. She said: “Look Evy my niece just got married!! I look at the Instagram picture and notice a cute black guy. They look so happy together. So sad that they eloped. I wonder why? I asked her if she was invited to the wedding and she nervously said: “No my niece didn’t want anyone to come. But when she said it she had a sad look to her face. I could sense the pain that she missed out on what could of been a beautiful wedding but because of her family’s ignorance the niece chose to elope. Do I blame the niece? No who wants that NEGATIVE  DRAMA in their wedding.

Things are better between Marybeth and I. I no longer cringe when she walks in the shop. Time is the best healing medicine. We are cool now. I don’t hold a grudge and business is good. I can’t wait to see when her niece gets pregnant and her baby comes out a nice peaunut butter color like me..hehe👍👍👍💕💕💕

Ps) That is not her niece in the picture..I just googled interacial couples and found this lovely couple.. Remember him on *Fresh Prince*…when he use to dance and sing to Tom Jone’s ( its not unusual)…classic!!!


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