I just made a loooong blog on my horrible day yesterday.. How I ended blocking  a client on my cell phone for stressing me so bad my back hurts. I went to the nail shop to feel better. Maybe it wasn’t meant for me to relieve the nightmare. Ugh. …I’m too tired to type out the gory details about my day yesterday. Long story short. I’ve never blocked any client from my cell. I had to yesterday. I have to keep my sanity and health. I will not loose my mind over a narcissistic client. My codependent days are over.

Its going to take me another two days to shake off her negative vibe. It’s that bad.. Back is bothering me a lot.

Gotta go..long way home.. (Waves)..bye!:)



  1. TrinaBina · January 14, 2015

    Definitely hope today was better for you. ..beautiful nails.♥

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  2. skinfashionbeauty · January 14, 2015

    Hey i have just nominted you for the versatile blogger award! I nominated you because i think you run an amazing blog, you can see the post here and see what you have to do! xo

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