Hair models


This is Kacie and Emely two of my hair models, I have a few more. Both of them have black hair, I’ve made them blonder. They both have the ombre hair popular trend. They sent me selfies last night. Doing ombre color jobs is tricky. You have to make sure you blend the colors and bleach well so you don’t have a heavy line if demarcation. I don’t recommend ombres on crispy dry hair. Its more suitable for healthy hair. Conditioning up keep is a must. Even with the best toners hair can turn brass over a period of time..I recommend a violate based shampoo to tone the brasiness in between color jobs. A good brand is one by Matrix ..its specially made for blonds and gray hair. Use the shampoo only when needed as tone shampoos have a drying effect on the hair if used too much.

This social media marketing thing really works. I have clients booked up until March already. There is this one popular hair stylist on Instagram who is booked out till to 2016. I’m happy for her she’s making a killing. Her hair colors start at $200-$500. That’s insane! You go gurl👍  I’m not sure I want to make any of my clients wait a year to come get their hair done
by me. I don’t mind being a famous hairstylist one day but I still want my clients to look good in the meantime. I don’t have the heart to make anyone wait a year to come see me. I don’t care how famous I become. I love clients. I would miss them too much.


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