This is Kacie my social media hair model. I use her hair to post pictures on social media. I’ve gotten a few clients from her pictures. Here’s the thing, the lighting where I work is horrible. Its like a mental hospital, all florescent lights. There is no justice when it comes to showing the true haircolor. I took Kacie to the back room and had her stand against the black closet..hoping to get some kind of justice. I am waiting for her to send me selfies…I like when clients send me selfies. The pictures come out better in the comfort of their own cell phone.

This is a ombre hair color..the new I brightened her ombre and toned it. I also gave her a trim. Wanna hear something funny, she’s becoming a lil’ celebrity in the city of Torrance where I work. One of my clients walked  into Kacies’s job and she recognized her from her hair pictures. They both got excited and were like: “You go to Evy!!..I like when my clients recognize each other in public, it makes me feel like we’re one BIG family united by hair and love.💖💖💕💕…I love and appreciate my clients.


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