Hot potato


I have a high tolerance for special people with awkward personalities but if it crosses the line and my other clients are affected by it and they walk out and leave I will drop you like a hot potato. I’ve only had to do it twice, There is a special one that is about to get dropped like a hot potato. I have one coming in on Monday and I’m already anxious. Extremely picky and self centered. I am a beautician not a magician. There are somethings I cannot help you with and its best you see a professional therapist.

One of my clients that I had to kick to the curb is very racist she can’t stand white people because her ex went back to his ex girlfriend who happens to be a white girl. She doesn’t like Mexicans either. Mind you my sister is half Mexican. I tolarated her ignorant views for many years. Everytime I tried to get rid of her people would tell me: “Oh no keep her just ignore her and make your money. Seriously?! Her racist opinions brothered me since she was a school teacher for little kids. I always wondered how she treated the Hispanic kids. Fast forward after weekly hair appointments and yearly insults  and her running and offending my clients out the salon I had it. One day I called her canceled her hair appointment and told her to go back to salon where I first met her. I called Regis hair salon to warn them that I was sending her back to them and non of the stylist wanted to do her hair. Last I heard they passed her on to a girl who just got out of beauty college. Here’s the message I don’t care what race you hate but if its causing me to loose money because clients walk out before their hair service with your racist views you need to go. You will get dropped like a hot potato. You can cry, scream and beg. Making money under tribulation is not they way I want to make money. I did not go to
beauty college to endure drama.

How do you go to church every Sunday get the holy ghost and hate God’s colorful creations? You tell me.

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