Kitchen beautician


Okay so I do hair but I want to be a chef, race car driver, celebrity makeup artist, a master barber and music DJ as well. People say that you should only specialize in one thing. Who made that rule? I want to be good in everything that I do. I wish to give  100% in all that I do.

I can’t go to car racing school. I’ve done research on race school and I found out there is a school in Arizona. That is way too far for me. For now I will stick to cooking on my days off. This is my second attempt on making baked mac and cheese. The first time it was a disaster! I bought the wrong cheese..Mexican style cheese. It was gooey nephew hated it. Today I got the right cheeses but was missing the smoked cheddar cheese. I went to two different stores and could not find smoked cheese..I was too hungry to drive all around town looking for the perfect cheese and so I baked it with out the smoked cheese. This time it wasn’t a disaster, but it wasn’t finger licking good like they make  at Lucille’s Soul food restaurant. I’m going to have to take time off work and look for the smoked cheese. The mac and cheese was supposed to taste like southern food but mine tasted more like LA mac and cheese.👏👋👍

You know the saying keep trying till you get it right:)



  1. Aura Mae · January 8, 2015

    I am a salon owner, beauty industry educator, author and a food personality. You can follow me on my website or Facebook. Happy cooking adventures!

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